Recapture your youthful glow this Winter!

Nourish your body and soul with the sacred, aromatic and nutrient-rich skin elixir body oil. This certified COSMOS Organic little pot of gold is filled with healing ingredients that work synergistically to soothe and restore skin’s natural health and radiance.

Our newest addition to the skin elixir range is a silky, luscious blend of nourishing and nutrient-rich avocado, macadamia and jojoba oils that work together to lock in skin’s moisture and hydration.

The potent blend of natural anti-oxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals penetrate cells and help leave your skin soft, strengthened and supple. The combination of carrot and calendula oils work to imbue skin with much welcomed protection and resilience, while Vitamin E helps to stimulate, nourish and repair the skin’s appearance, reversing damage and bringing back elasticity for a dewy, all-over glow.

Skin Elixir Body Oil is enriched with the enchanting aromatics of pure essential oils – patchouli, lavender, frankincense and everlasting that work in harmony to help heal scarring, and instil a sense of peace and calm.

Perfect Potion’s Skin Elixir Body Oil is especially great for mature, dry or damaged skin. Its combination of nourishing plant extracts and essential fatty acids will leave your skin soft, smooth and velvety to touch!

The Magic Ingredients

Macadamia Oil is rich in antioxidants. It also has a great affinity to our own skin due to its high levels of palmitoleic acid – an essential fatty acid found in the human skin’s sebum which is known to decrease with age. Macadamia Oil acts as an emollient that helps replenish, hydrate and heal dry or sun-damaged skin.x

Jojoba Oil is suitable for all skin types. It is intensely moisturising, enhances skin tone and elasticity and delivers a healthy glow due to its high levels of essential fatty acids. Jojoba is rich in a multitude of vitamins including vitamin D, which is a key nutrient for skin cell growth and replacement; therefore, it helps the skin maintain health and vibrancy!

Protect and strengthen your skin with the high levels of proteins, lecithin and linoleic acid found in Avocado Oil. This oil is wonderfully replenishing and is often recommended for people with eczema, psoriasis or undernourished skin.

Boost collagen and keep the skin soft, supple and firm with vitamin A rich Carrot Oil.

Soothing, anti-inflammatory Calendula is known for its beautiful skin-reparative properties.

A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E helps promote the formation of skin cells, repair damage, soften the skin and enhance suppleness.

Pure essential oils of lavender, patchouli, frankincense and everlasting promote elasticity and soothe your spirits.

Three’s a charm…

Skin Elixir Special Offer

For the added indulgence your skin deserves, Skin Elixir Body Oil is being sold in a special Skin Elixir Kit with two of Perfect Potion’s best-selling skin-care products – Skin Elixir Facial Oiland Skin Elixir Nourishing Cream. This trio will nourish and replenish your skin, and work synergistically to restore softness and radiance.

We want to spoil you!
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